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The Iliad as a D&D from tumblr

Although this blog is really about the Odyssey, I thought this link would be of interest to readers: As one can see, it presents the Iliad as a D&D session. Advertisements

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An interesting video

This is an excerpt from a documentary an compares the Irish bardic tradition to that of Homer.

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Eclipse dating

Although I want to be getting back to posting on this blog regularly in future, for now I will merely offer a eclipse_dating which purports to have established the exact date of an eclipse mentioned in the Odyssey.

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The Odyssey Book 2: lines 103-128

Here Antinous‘ speech to his fellow suitors continues. He goes into greater detail about how Penelope deceived him and his fellow suitors. One should notice as well the use of the imperfect tense as in the first of these lines. … Continue reading

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An article about Greek music

This article from the BBC discusses new evidence about Greek music. In particular, it discusses deciphering of a later Greek method of musical notation and understanding of ancient Greek musical instruments. A sample of reconstructed music is included. To the modern … Continue reading

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(Pre-)Golden Age Science Fiction Free Online

Instead of continuing to discuss the development of science fiction as a genre of literature, this post is going to talk about resources for finding Golden Age and pre-Golden Age science fiction, whether short stories, novellas or novels, freely available … Continue reading

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Jules Verne and the birth of science fiction proper

The first writer I would identify as writing what can be properly termed science fiction is the French author Jules Verne. Admittedly, a case could be made for Mary Shelley who penned the novel Frankenstein, but in my view that … Continue reading

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