The Odyssey: Book 1 lines 381-387

One should observe in the next passage that the first two lines (l. 381 and 382) ought not be marked with quotation marks.

Anthony Quinn as Antinous (1955)

Anthony Quinn as Antinous (1955)

Telemachus‘ previous speech has dumb-founded the suitors, who by ancient Greek standard really have nothing they can say in their own defense. Nevertheless, we the audience now see a suitor identified by name for the first time– Antinous son of Eupeithes. By the very fact he speaks up now, we the audience see that he embodies everything that is vile about the suitors. He seeks to placate Telemachus with soft words and to dissuade him from going to find his father Odysseus. Thus Antnious begins by speaking to Telemachus of the gods and commending Telemachus’ attitude.

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