The Odyssey Book 1: lines 11-31

Hubert Maurer - Hermes bei Calypso und Odysseus

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This portion serves as a transition from the summary of the invocation to the first major scene. While in a sense, this is also a summary passage, it does begin more fully to paint the scene. We very much get a sense of the plight of Odysseus and his men as they hide in the grotto on Calypso‘s island. The anger of Poseidon here would to the ancient Greek listener or reader evoke the danger and the hardships of the sea, especially when these are contrasted to the relative safety of Calypso’s island. Yet still we see the longing for home.

I picture the tone of the bard reciting this portion to be a lament, full of the longing of men at sea far from home and to an extent exiled from their home.

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